Adding and Editing a User

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Adding and Editing a User

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1. To create new user click Create user.


Please, check our video guide about how to add user in KuberDock. (Note. Video is still under development.)




1.2 Enter all the necessary information in proper fields:


Username - KuberDock account login;

First name - user`s First name;

Last name - user`s Last name;

Middle initials - user`s middle initials;

Password - user’s password;

Email - email address for sending user notifications;

Roles - user access type;

Package - choose package (configured in your billing system) to assign to user;

Status - user’s status:

oActive - user is enabled in KuberDock;

oLocked - user is disabled, his pods are stopped, public IP`s are unbinded, persistent volumes are deleted and he can not log in to KuberDock.

Suspended - if checked, user`s services will be stopped and new pods or other services can not be added.







1.3 When done, confirm creating by clicking Create.



2. To edit users' information click Edit user on user’s page.




2.1 When done, click Save to save changes.