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In this section you can set up your billing system to work with KuberDock.


First of all select billing system that you are going to use in Select your billing system field . It can be one of the supported billing systems, your own billing system or you can leave KuberDock without billing system.


Note. If No billing is chosen, follow this link to configure Predefined applications.


In case is WHMCS is a billing system:


Link to WHMCS - direct link to your WHMCS ;

WHMCS admin username - set username with admin access level to billing system;

WHMCS admin password - set password for this admin username;

Set a Secret key for Single sign-on. This is an AutoAuth key in WHMCS. You will need to add the following line to your WHMCS configuration.php file to define an AutoAuth key. The value just needs to be a random sequence of letters and numbers:


$autoauthkey = "abcXYZ123";


Please, read this WHMCS documentation to create key and put in this field.


Secret key for Single sign-on field is used for Single sign-on authentication. Must be shared between Kuberdock and billing system or other 3rd party application. Try to use this section to see how it works in actions.