Billing API

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Billing API

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The following instructions provide you with API requests designed to integrate KuberDock to your billing solution. To learn about the principles of KuberDock billing system operation, please read Billing section. To integrate with WHMCS go to WHMCS Integration section.


To set up integration with billing API correctly, perform the following steps:


1. Install KuberDock and save generated password for the user "admin".


2. Apply token authorization. Follow the instruction of getting a token in Configuring Users requests section.


PUT https://kuberdock.master/api/pricing/kubes/<kube_type_id>?token=admin_token





         … //here is data of the request



3. Create necessary packages and submit them to KuberDock following the instructions in Packages section.


4. Create Kube Types and specify their prices for each package. Follow the instructions in Kube Types Configuration section to submit your data to KuberDock. Specifying the price will automatically include a Kube Type into the package. If Kube Type price is not specified for a package, then this Kube Type will not be available in this package. Note that you can add unlimited number of Kube Types to a package.


5. Follow the instruction in Configuring users section to set up the submission of your data to KuberDock. When registration successfully completed, send user email notification with KuberDock master IP address and credentials. Save package name purchased by a user in billing system to define Kube Type cost when getting statistics. A user can purchase only one package at a time.


6. Follow the instructions in Billing data capture requests section to set up KuberDock usage daily statistics notifications. Usage statistics for each container includes: start and stop time marks, Kube Type and Kubes number.