Configure Kube Types

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Configure Kube Types

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To create Kube Types, go to Addons menu and choose KuberDock Addons. On this page all the KuberDock packages with all Kube Types are displayed.


1. Click Add Kube type on the right:



2. Specify all the necessary information according to the instruction:


Note. When setting prices for Kube Types, WHMCS default currency is used.


Server - choose server where this kube type will be used.

Kube Type name - new Kube Type name, which will be displayed to a user in WHMCS and KuberDock interface.

CPU limits (%) - core percentage allocated to one Kube. (E.g.: 0.1 means 10% of a CPU core; 1.5 means 100% of one core and 50% of another).

Memory limits (MB) - RAM capacity for one Kube.

HDD limits (GB) - disc space allocated for one Kube.

Traffic limit (GB) - traffic volume included in one Kube (under development). 




3. Click Add to create Kube Type with all specified parameters. Each Kube type is created on KuberDock remote server with API query and a record in local WHMCS database. Kube type parameters are used to calculate resource usage for packages.


4. Add all the necessary Kube types and click Pricing tab, where you can set the price per one Kube for each Kube type.




All packages will be displayed in a table below. Note that packages are grouped by Billing type for the price setting convenience.


Click Active checkbox (1) to enable Price field (2) to enter price for Kube Type. This checkbox allows to enable or disable Kube Type in the package. If it is unchecked then this Kube Type will be not available in the package and in KuberDock for users with that package. If it is checked then price must be entered and Kube Type will be available in KuberDock for users with that package.




In Price field specify price for one Kube. Price type depends on settings of the chosen Package in KuberDock package column. For example, if you have Standard package with monthly billing type in its settings, then in Price field a price per month must be set.


When done, click Save to save specified price and submit your settings to KuberDock, or click Cancel.




Note that you can remove Kube Type only if it is not used in any package.


You can track price changes log in Changes log tab:


Login - username, which made changes;

Time - time the changes were made;

Description - changes details.