Configure Packages

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Configure Packages

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1. Go to Setup section, choose Products/Services and click Create a New Product.




Enter the following information:


Product Type - choose Other Products/Services;

Product Group - choose product group that you have created before plugin activation on step 4 of WHMCS installation guide section;

Product Name - enter your package name, this name will be displayed to a user in WHMCS.


When done, click Continue.




3. Choose Module Settings tab.


Note. When setting price for a package, WHMCS default currency is used.


In Server Group field choose a server group created for KuberDock.




In Service payment type field choose billing period: hourly, monthly, quarterly, annual - resource usage statistic will be collected every selected period.

In Billing type choose which billing behavior you need between PAYG and Fixed price:

oPAYG - user can start it`s pod or application without immediately pay for it, but as soon as WHMCS get statistic data (each 24 hours).

oFixed price - user needs to pay and then use it`s pod or application.

Match Debug Mode checkbox to trace errors in API responds. To view this log in WHMCS go to Utility section, choose Logs, then choose Module log.

Specify prices in package. Note. At least one of the prices should me more than zero  otherwise invoices will not be sent.

oIn First deposit field specify the sum of money a user should pay to start using KuberDock. If there is the first deposit in case of PAYG, than auto-setup will be automatically set to "Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received" after saving the package.




oIn Price for IP field specify the Public IP usage cost.

oIn Price for persistent storage field specify persistent storage usage cost.

oIn Price for additional traffic field specify the cost of traffic (traffic count will be added soon).

In case you need to restrict a user to create pods in KuberDock User Interface match checkbox Restricted users.




If you need to create a package with trial period, then match Trial package checkbox and specify the number of days for trial period in User Free Trial period field. Kube Types for such package will be limited as 10 Kubes per user account (more about limits for Trial user here).


Follow WHMCS documentation to configure upgrade process from Trial package. This will allow users to upgrade their KuberDock Trial package to other packages you need. For manual change of users package use the same documentation section “Manual Upgrades”.


Please note that after Trial period ends a user will be suspended and pods will be stopped without ability to run them. As soon as package will be upgraded, then in KuberDock User Role (read more about User Roles here) Trial User will be switched to User and in case of PAYG package his pods will run, in case of Fixed Price his pods become unpaid and will not run until payment will be received.


If Users trial period expired, than this user in KuberDock will be also suspended with all its pods and applications. After package will be upgraded, than users product in WHMCS will be changed to Standard package (or the package, configured in the trial package).


You can also set up periodic notification for cases:


1. Trial period ending notice repeat - how often WHMCS should send email with notification about trial period expiration. Enter a number of days before expiration you want to send notice to the user. Note that “0” means not to send such notice at all.


2. Trial period expired notice - tick checkbox if you need to send notice that trial period has expired, otherwise leave it unchecked.




3. This step is only required for WHMCS version 6.3.1 or higher. Since version 6.3.1 WHMCS does not send invoices to customers for packages with setting Payment Type Free in Pricing tab. As a temporary solution set One time option with zero price:




After KuberDock addon activation, KuberDock default package Standard packages will obtain this option automatically by default.


4. When done, click Save changes - the information on this package will be submitted to KuberDock at once. Note that when a package is updated, the information is submitted to KuberDock by API right after clicking Save changes.


All the packages created for KuberDock are available in KuberDock addons section on Addons page, where you can configure Kube Types for them.


Note that if a package has not been added to KuberDock  for some reason (API error, connection error etc.), then you will see the following message in Packages list: "Package not found".





In this case you should check WHMCS logs - go to Utilities, choose Logs, then choose Module logs. If you can't identify the error, then contact our support at and attach log as a part of the ticket (make sure to choose KuberDock department).