Configuring cPanel for Work with WHMCS

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Configuring cPanel for Work with WHMCS

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Set up cPanel server in WHMCS


To add KuberDock plugin for cPanel you should add cPanel server to WHMCS and add the package. Perform the following steps:


1. Go to Setup, find Products/Services section and choose Servers. Click Add new server and fill in the proper fields:




In Add server section specify:


Name - cPanel instance name;

Hostname - leave blank;

IP Address - IP address where cPanel is located.




In Server details section specify:


Type - choose cPanel from drop-down menu;

Username - cPanel server username with permission to create/delete users;

Password - cPanel server password with permission to create/delete users.





2. Then add a group of servers. Go to Setup section, choose Products/Services and choose Servers. Click Create new group:




In Name field specify cPanel. In Selected Servers list on the left choose a server that you just have added and click Add (in the given example server name is cPanel). When done, click Save changes.




3. Go to Setup section, choose General Settings and click on Security tab. In API IP Access Restriction section click Add IP, in pop-up specify cPanel server IP address to locate cPanel KuberDock addon, and click Add IP. Now the access to WHMCS API from cPanel must be provided.




When done, click Save Changes.


4. cPanel server setup in WHMCS is now completed. Configured Packages and Kube types are available for customers to allocate resources for their applications in cPanel.