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Container Page

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Select a container that you would like to manage by clicking on its name on the Pod page. Here you can monitor container's resource load, view logs and container configuration.


To get SSH/SFTP access to container follow the instructions in SSH/SFTP access to container.


At the top of the page you can find Status control indicator. Current status of a container updates automatically and doesn't require reloading the page. Status of a container can be:

Running - the application is started and running;

Pending - the application is starting or stopping;

Stopped - the application is stopped.




Current settings and information on resources allocated for this container are displayed in information sections:




To upgrade resources click Upgrade resources at the top.


upgrade resources


You will be redirected to the page with all containers in the pod where you can change amount of resources for each of them. Note that to apply new resources the whole pod will be restarted.


Click + to add more Kubes or - to reduce the number. By adding Kubes quantity you will see additional costs for upgrade and total price will be changed accordingly.


By reducing Kubes quantity you will see that total price changed accordingly.


When done, click Pay And Apply Changes in case of adding Kubes to proceed to payment process and upgrade resources for your pod after successful payment or Save in case of reducing Kubes. Note that pod will be restarted to upgrade its resources.




Current pod hardware configuration is displayed in this section:





Use menu on the left to view logs, resources usage, general configuration and container environment variables: