Set up Predefined Applications

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Set up Predefined Applications

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To manage predefined applications, log in to DirectAdmin as an admin and perform the following steps:


Note. Before Predefined application setup, go to KuberDock Application page? open Defaults tab and choose proper Default package and Default Kube Type from the corresponding drop-down to use by default, if one of the YAML file does not contain this parameters. Current Default package and Default Kube Type are displayed above in brackets. When done click Save.





1. In KuberDock Existing apps tab click Add app button:




2. Upload YAML. Click Upload YAML  to choose proper file. You can use ready-to-use YAML files from our github repository ( YAML file data will be displayed below in a separate section.




3. Add application name to be displayed for users:




4. Edit YAML if needed. Please check YAML specification before making changes.


5. When setup complete, click Add application:




Predefined application successfully added to DirectAdmin. You can now see all added Predefined application in Existing apps tab: