Deployment on AWS instructions

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Deployment on AWS instructions

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First of all, download AWS deploy scripts and from the beta repository. It can be done with curl/wget or similar tool.




wget -O /tmp/

wget -O /tmp/aws-kd-deploy.tar.gz


To be executed, the deployment script for AWS needs three additional environment variables to be specified. Two of them — PRE_DEPLOY_SCRIPT and PRE_NODE_DEPLOY_SCRIPT should be assigned with a path pointing to the downloaded script.


Сontinuing the previous example:


⁠export PRE_DEPLOY_SCRIPT=/tmp/ 

⁠⁠⁠export ⁠PRE_NODE_DEPLOY_SCRIPT=/tmp/


The third variable — DEPLOY_SH — should point to the deployment script repository:


export DEPLOY_SH=


Then proceed with the instructions of KuberDock installation on AWS.