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DNS Provider

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To allow users to use service addresses for their pods you should add domains to KuberDock. This section will help you to set up all you need. Thus users will be able to create service addresses for their pods at one level below added.


For example: If you have added domain example.com, than service address for users pods will be: <username>+<app.name>.example.com


Note that already specified email for external services (see the General subsection of the Settings section) is one of prerequisites to form the domain list.


You should perform the following steps to configure DNS provider for KuberDock:


1. Set up DNS zone at one of supported DNS providers.


2. Configure DNS provider in KuberDock.


3. Create list of domain names.


At the moment we support cPanel, Route 53 and CloudFlare as DNS providers. Configure your DNS provider according to the instructions below:


cPanel. Follow cPanel documentation here to configure DNS zones in cPanel first and documentation here to configure Remote Access Key.


Route 53. Refer Route 53 setup instructions in this regard. Despite being a part of Amazon Web Services, Route 53 can be used in non-AWS-deployed clusters as well.


CloudFlare. Available only from KuberDock 1.5.0. To use this service it is necessary to create a CloudFlare account. CloudFlare provides different pricing plans including free one.


After DNS zone set up you should configure chosen DNS provider in KuberDock:


Configuring cPanel as a DNS provider


1. Log in to KuberDock as an admin, choose Settings and click DNS provider tab.




2. This step depends on DNS provider you use. As an example we show how to use it with cPanel. Set up the following fields:


In Select DNS provider set cpanel_dnsonly. Please note that KuberDock doesn`t support cPanel DNSONLY software and this is only item name “cpanel_dnsonly” in dropdown menu and it does not relate to cPanel DNSONLY software.




In Link to cPanel add link to your cPanel (e.g. https://example.com).

In cPanel admin username set username of an admin that has rights to change DNS zones.

In cPanel access token add Remote Access Key from cPanel (see instructions above).




Configuring Route 53 as a DNS provider


1.When Amazon Route 53 is selected as a DNS provider, the following options must be configured: AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key.




They are required to access Route 53 programmatically and are similar to those used to access any AWS resource (see Install KuberDock at Amazon Web Services section).


You should obtain necessary values following directions provided in Amazon access keys management documentation and enter them in the relevant fields.


Configuring CloudFlare as a DNS provider (Available since KuberDock 1.5.0)


The following fields should be set if CloudFlare is chosen as the DNS provider:


CloudFlare Email — which is used as a login to access CloudFlare account.

CloudFlare Global API Key — it is an all-purpose token allowing to read and edit any data or settings accessible in CloudFlare dashboard.




The both keys can be found among the settings of CloudFlare account (check Where do I find my CloudFlare API key?).


Creating domains list


After configuring DNS provider, you can form the domain list.


1. For this purpose, proceed to the Administration page and choose Domains control.


Note that already specified email for external services (see the General subsection of the Settings section) is prerequisite to form the domain list.





2. Click Add new domain:




3. Enter domain name (e.g. example.com) and click Add:




After that, new domain name will be added to KuberDock cluster. The list of all domain names is always available in Domains control section of Administration page.