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Edit Pod

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You can change configuration of your existing pod with its containers by clicking Edit on the Pod page in Manage pod drop-down menu.




After clicking Edit you will be redirected to the Final step of the container creation process. On that page you can:


Change used Kube Type in the pod and change its` restart policy. This will affect all container in the pod.




Change Kubes quantity for each container in the pod.




Change configuration of each container in the pod or delete containers from the pod. When you click on Edit icon you will be proceed to the second step of Creating container process - Set up image. Use the following instruction you can change configuration of current container.




Add new containers to the pod by clicking “Add more containers”. After click you will be proceed to the first step of create container process. Follow the instructions to add container successfully.


When done you will have two scenarios:


1. If your changes lead to growing up the price of the pod then you can:


a. Click Pay and apply changes - that will proceed to billing system and after successful payment your changes will be applied and pod with all containers will be restarted with new configurations.


b. Click Save for later to save change you made for future applying.


2. If your changes DO NOT lead to growing up the price of the pod then you can click Save to save changes and you will be redirected to the pod page. On the pod page you can click Restart & Apply changes that will lead to restarting the pod and its containers with new configuration, or click Reset Changes to discard and delete changes you have made during editing.