How to Set up

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How to Set up

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To set up command line interface in KuberDock perform the following steps:


1. According to your OS architecture choose the latest version of proper kuberdock-cli rpm-package from our repository and  install it:


СentOS 6:

CentOS 7:


For example, for CentOS 7 (x86_64):


yum install


2. Run the command to create config to home directory (Note. This step should be missed by root access users):


kcli kuberdock start start_pod


3. Get a token for your account in KuberDock using the command:


curl -X GET -k --user <username>:<password> https://kuberdock.domain/api/auth/token


You will get the answer with your token:



"status": "OK",





Use your token on the next step.


4. Edit and save config file .kubecli.conf (~/.kubecli.conf), enter KuberDock server address and your KuberDock account token from step 3:



# kuberdock server URL

url =



# default registry to pull docker images from

registry =


# token to connect to kuberdock

token = admin|1469540670|cc8b11e2e801e8357cb7655ce4fcc6e611698396