KuberDock 1.5.0 Beta Release Notes and Changelog

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KuberDock 1.5.0 Beta Release Notes and Changelog

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This section contains Installation guide, discribes improvements and new features of KuberDock version 1.5.0 beta. We have updated our EULA. Please read it carefully http://kuberdock.com/LICENSE.TXT.


Follow the links below to read about KuberDock 1.5.0 beta changes:


Installation guide

Installation guide on AWS

Important changes in Predefined applications

Ability to restore deleted user

Using CloudFlare as a DNS provider

Installation guide for hosting panels

Installation guide for WHMCS


How to deploy KuberDock 1.5.0 beta


The 1.5.0-beta release is intended solely for trial, examination and evaluation purposes. It is strongly recommended not to use this release for production deployment as it may cause some service malfunctions.


Also, the release should not be used as a base to upgrade to a stable KuberDock version.


Please be aware that environment used to test this beta release should not be re-used for deployment or upgrade to stable versions of KuberDock since the beta repository files remain there as well as stuff of KuberDock beta.


Regarding any other aspects but these two, it is completely the same as any commercial release and consists of ready-to-use packages of KuberDock and its plugins.


Trial license is enough to use this beta.


Note that the kcli-deploy.sh script is compatible only with KuberDock v1.5.0 and higher. Do not try to install it with earlier KD versions.