KuberDock Design Customization

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KuberDock Design Customization

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To set custom logo and styles, go to master server with root permissions.


Use command kdcustomize to set path to files. For example:


kdcustomize --logo=/path/to/logo.png --styles=/path/to/custom/styles.css --login-logo=/path/to/login-log.png --login-styles=/path/to/custom/login/styles.css




--logo and --styles - path to files for KuberDock user and administrations panels;

--login-logo and --login-styles - path to files for login page of KuberDock.


Size of logo and login-logo are different and must be equal to 162x48 and 227x67 pixels accordingly. If an image of different size is specified, an error will be raised.


It's advisable to clear a browser cache after updating logos and styles.


Note that currently resetting to original logos and removing custom styles are not provided.


For more information about usage of kdcustomize use help:


kdcustomize --help