KuberDock Plugin Installation

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KuberDock Plugin Installation

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To Set up KuberDock plugin in Plesk perform the following steps:


We strongly recommend to read requirements for shared hosting panel servers.


Note that current plugin for Plesk works with CentOS 6 or higher.


If you need to update KuberDock plugin then follow KuberDock plugin update instructions.


1. This is a mandatory step if you need to use proxy. You can learn more about proxy in YAML specification.


Login to Plesk server as a root and add directive ProxyPreserveHost On to the file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and run the command:


service httpd restart


2. Download and install KuberDock plugin by running the commands:


wget  http://repo.cloudlinux.com/kuberdock-client/kcli-deploy.sh

bash ./kcli-deploy.sh


3. During installation, enter KuberDock master server address under admin credentials:


Enter KuberDock host name or IP address:

Enter KuberDock admin username:

Enter KuberDock admin password:


Note that you can change these settings in Plesk administration panel. Go to Extensions, choose Module KuberDock and click Edit kubecli.conf tab.




Your KuberDock plugin is ready to use now. Learn how to add Predefined Applications and configure default Kube Type and Package.