KuberDock Update Instructions

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KuberDock Update Instructions

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Note that during update process KuberDock turns into maintenance mode. When KuberDock is updating, the master server is being updated first, then each node is being updated one after another. While updating, the node is disabled to adopt users' pods. When the node is updated, it is enabled to adopt users pods again.


To update KuberDock, perform the following steps:


1. Log in to KuberDock master server under root.


2. Run the command:




3. To start update enter "y" in confirmation dialog:


Newer KuberDock package is available. Do you want to upgrade it ? [y/n]:


Before upgrade starts, "Health check" process will verify KuberDock master server and nodes state. Possible results:


Health check: OK. - If all services work with no errors, then KuberDock upgrade process will start.


There are some problems with cluster. - If a problem discovered. Upgrade process will not start. Discovered problem will be described below. To start upgrade - solve the problem and restart upgrade.


You can skip "Health check" and restart upgrade, but it will be done at your own risk.


To skip “Health check” run:


kuberdock-upgrade --skip-health-check


To start "Health check" only, run:


kuberdock-upgrade health-check-only


If no updates are required for your KuberDock, then you will be notified with the message: Kuberdock is up to date.


If one of the nodes goes down during update process, you will be able to continue it after start node and run command:


kuberdock-upgrade resume-upgrade


If you need help while using kuberdock-upgrade, run the following command to get additional information:


kuberdock-upgrade --help


If remote hosts (like billing system or shared hosting panel server) have been added to KuberDock, it is necessary to restore their connectivity, e.g. access of a shared hosting panel to pods.


For this purpose, upon successful completion of KuberDock upgrade follow the steps as described in KuberDock plugin update instructions.