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You can find all the necessary license information in License section of Settings tab.


License status and validity.


License status:

Valid - license is valid and installation ID confirmed;

Invalid - license has expired or invalid installation ID.


Expired Date - the last day of license validity. License becomes invalid after expire date.

License type - type of valid license:

Standard - standard KuberDock license;

Trial - license with limited validity period, allows to purchase standard license after trial license expires.




Find the necessary information in two sections below.


KuberDock details:


Installation ID - KuberDock installation identifier;

Platform - cluster type (for example, generic or AWS)

Storage - persistent storage type used in cluster.




To enter or edit Installation ID, click edit icon; enter new ID in input pop-up and click Apply - ID validity will be verified.




Software name and current version is displayed on the right:




In the table below you can view resources included in standard license and resources that are currently being used in cluster. If any resource license is approaching to expire, then this resource will be highlighted with red along with the whole cluster resource line.