Managing Clients

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Managing Clients

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To control clients' statuses go to Clients section and choose View/Search clients.


1. Click on proper client's ID (alternatively Last name or First name) from the list to get to client's page.


2. Go to Products/Services tab, in Products section choose KuberDock package (only purchased packages are available) and click Go.




3. To change user’s status use the following buttons:


Create - this action is disabled for KuberDock.

Suspend - to suspend a user an attribute "suspended" = true is set. All user's services will be stopped, user will not be able to create new containers.

Unsuspend - to unsuspend a user an attribute "suspended" = false is set. All user's services start working, user can create and run new containers.

Terminate - to remove an account, an attribute "active" = false is set. User will not be able to access KuberDock.


When done, confirm your actions by clicking Yes in pop-up - the data will be submitted to KuberDock.




To change password for a user in KuberDock, perform the following steps:


1. Enter new password in appropriate field:



2. Click Save Changes and new data will be submitted to KuberDock.


To delete a package and a user in KuberDock, click Delete.




To log in to KuberDock as a user click Log in to KuberDock: