Managing Pods

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Managing Pods

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Note. Web interface supports the following browsers: Safari version 6 or later, Chrome version 38 or later, Firefox version 28 or later.


Log in to KuberDock as user. Go to Pods tab to view and manage all your pods.





Remember that any actions with a pod will affect all containers within that pod.


On this page you can click on pod name and proceed to pod page to manage containers in it. You can use action buttons in the right column to:


Restart pod that is already running. This action will affect all the containers within the pod. When restarting a pod - two options are available in pop-up: click Wipe Out to erase all data and launch fresh pod, or click Just Restart to restart a pod with saving data on persistent storages.





Start/stop pod depend on its current state. Stopping a container will purge all container data, except data on persistent storages.


It is also possible to use bulk action by ticking on checkboxes on the left side.