Managing Public IP (IPv4) Pool

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Managing Public IP (IPv4) Pool

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Note. If your cluster is located on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) then you do not need to configure and manage IP Pool as your cluster will use Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) that provides service addresses instead of Public IP. KuberDock will show all service addresses in use.


To allow users purchase public IPs, a pool of available IPs should be added to KuberDock. Public IPs will be automatically assigned to users from this IP pool by KuberDock.


To add public IPs perform the following steps:


1. Go to Administration section and choose IP pool.


2. Click Add subnet.




3. In Subnet field specify the IP subnet of available IPs.




Note. Network identification (zero .0) addresses and broadcast addresses are not excluded automatically. These IPs should be excluded manually otherwise these IPs will be assigned to the users pods and, as a result, will not be available from the internet. This is applicable for KuberDock release 1.4 and lower.


4. In Exсlude IPs enter IPs to be excluded from this subnet.


For example:


You have added the following subnet: Enter IPs to “Exclude IPs” field if you need to exclude them from this IP pool. You can separate each IP by comma or use dash (-) to exclude range of IPs as follows:,, or or both in the same time,




5. This step is required in case of fixed IP pool cluster setup only. (For more details on fixed IP pool please check Master Installation Guide step 2).


In Node hostname drop-down menu select node where current IP pool should be assigned to.




6. When done, click Add to add IPs.


New subnet will be added. The list of all added subnets will be displayed in the IP Pool section of Administration page. On the top of the table the total amount of available IPs in all IP pools will be displayed:




To delete a subnet, click on Recycle bin icon and confirm or decline this action in pop-up. Note that you can not delete a subnet that includes IPs used by users pods.


To view the list of IPs in subnet click on subnet in the table. All public IP addresses will be displayed in the list. These IPs will be automatically allocated to users when they request for Public IP for one of their Pods.




Public IP can have the following statuses:


Free - green icon - this IP can be allocated to a user; you can click Stop icon to block IP.

Busy - orange icon - this IP is already allocated to a user.

Blocked - red icon - this IP can not be allocated to a user; you can click Play icon to make it free and available for allocation to a user.