KuberDock Master Server Backup and Restore

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KuberDock Master Server Backup and Restore

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How to do backup


Our backup tool for KuberDock master server collects several files and dumps to preserve master state. The list of items that script backup is the following:


Postgresql dump - main KuberDock database;


etcd dump and etcd certificates - highly-available key value store which Kubernetes uses;


SSH keys - SSH key from the folder /var/lib/nginx/.ssh/;


known hosts list - list of hosts that have access to KuberDock master;


License - cluster license information;


nginx configs -- configuration of nginx at KuberDock master server.


To create backup of KuberDock master server use the command:




For example:


kd-backup-master backup /mounted/backup/destination/




backup - option needed to run backup process;

/mounted/backup/destination/ - destination where archive file with backup data will be saved.


After script finishes its work there will be files like 2016-07-04T03:46:44.338859.zip inside destination folder.


Use flag -h to see help of this command.


How to do restore


Important! Restore script assumes that master stays at the same IP and all existing files and data will be overwritten!


To restore KuberDock master server from backup use the command:


kd-backup-master restore /destination/folder/backup/backup-file.zip


Use flag -h to see help of this command.