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Pod Page

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On the pod page you can manage pod itself as described below, edit pod configuration, monitor resourcesmanage containers and control ssh/sftp access.


You can manage your pod by clicking Manage pod drop-down menu where you are able to:





Start - if your pod is stopped, then you can start it and it means that you start all containers in the pod.


Stop - if your pod is running then you can stop it and it means that you stop all containers in the pod. Stopping a container will purge all container data, except data on persistent storages.


Restart - these action will affect all the containers within the pod. When restarting a pod - two options are available in pop-up: click Wipe Out to erase all data and launch fresh pod, or click Just Restart to restart a pod with saving data on persistent storages.




Edit pod - allows to change the whole pod configuration and containers in it.


To monitor resources usage click Stats:




Resources usage diagrams will be displayed below:




Blue curve shows limits set, orange curve shows resources usage at a certain time.


To go back to containers list click Data:




In the information sections on the left current status is displayed:


Public IP (or Service address) - IP address or service address accessible from the internet;

Pod IP -  internal pod IP within KuberDock;

Restart policy - set restart policy behavior;

Kube type - bunch of resources;

Kubes quantity - number of Kubes in the container;

Price for a pod.




Click on any container in the table to get to Container page where you can control it.