Adding Predefined Applications

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Adding Predefined Applications

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Admin can add predefined application and provide ability to user to follow generated link to it or find it in search results in KuberDock control panel and finally launch and use this predefined application.


To add predefined application log in to KuberDock as admin and click Predefined application in main menu to proceed to the page with the list of all added applications. Click Add new application and follow the steps below.




3. To add new predefined application, perform the following steps:


Upload YAML. Click Upload yaml and choose proper file or YAML code in text area.


You can use ready-to-use YAML files from our github repository ( or create your own YAML file according to specification. Data will be displayed below in a separate section.


Click Add to save application and make it available to run by a user.




You can click on the name of a predefined application to see user’s view of the application setup. To place a link to the application on 3rd party websites, use the link in address bar while on application page or click Copy link in the list of predefined applications.