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Hardware requirements:


Master or Node: 2 core CPU, 2 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD. To use ZFS as a Local Storage backend it is strongly recommended to have at least 1 GB RAM per Node plus additional 1 GB for each whole or partial TB of total storage.


OS requirements:


Clean 64bit CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) or higher, XFS file system.


UTF8 is expected otherwise your system locale would be set to UTF8.


Networking requirements:


1. KuberDock nodes must share the same broadcast domain to enable public IP migration from node to node.


2. Master must have an ability to resolve all node hostnames to IPs.


3. A free subnet of 16-bit mask in the block of IP addresses - (e.g. is necessary for service purposes.s


Persistent storage requirements (optional):


Ceph (




amazon EBS (if running inside AWS,,




Local disks (on KuberDock nodes)


Note. Other persistent storage solutions will be supported hereafter.


Load Balancer requirement:


will be added soon


Required browser:


Web interface supports the following browsers: Safari version 6 or later, Chrome version 38 or later, Firefox version 28 or later.