Set up Custom Application

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Set up Custom Application

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KuberDock allows cPanel end user to run many custom containerized applications (nginx, apache, redis. elasticsearch, etc...) in just few clicks.


To start the application:


1. In cPanel UI go to Apps section and click More Apps:




2. You can choose an applications that can be started in few clicks from the list above:




Alternatively enter application name (or part of) in Search for apps line and click Search to search for available applications:




3. Choose proper application and click Install in front of it to begin installation, or More details to view application description:




4. Select Kube type and Kubes number to specify the amount of resources used to run this application. In the right section of the screen you will see total amount of resources that will be allocated for the application. Note that in the future networking between user account and pod will be established.




5. In Ports section change ports if needed. Host port is external port of a container used to access container port from external IP or from other ports. By default Host port equals Container port. To provide external IP tick Public checkbox in front of proper port. Use the following addresses to access the container:


from other applications: :pod_port;

from external IP: public_ip:pod_port;

from containers within same pod: 127.0.01:pod_port.




6. In Environment variables section change variables if needed.


Click Learn more about this application to go to this application image description page in Docker Hub Registry. Here you can find all the necessary information on  this application variables.




7. To add a volume click Add volume and specify its location path in Container path field. Mark Persistent checkbox to mark a volume as persistent (would persist when container is restarted or moved to another server). In contrast to the local volume, data in persistent volume will be saved after container is restarted or even removed.




8. In the bottom you will see price per one hour of this application running. The price depends on amount of resources (Kube types and size). Click Start your App to start the application and go to Apps section.




Your application will start within a few minutes - its status will change to "running".