Start Predefined Application

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Start Predefined Application

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You can run predefined application from the application home page or from KuberDock control panel. The link to predefined application home page can be placed on web-hosting provider web-site or any other web-site.


After you click on application link or choose it in KuberDock control panel you will proceed to the page with different resource plans for predefined application. Perform the following steps to launch your predefined application:


1.Choose the most suitable package for your application:




Click Show details under a package to show resource levels that will be allocated to your application according to each package. Click Choose package to proceed to the next step. If you need to switch application package, then follow the instructions.


2. Depending on application type you might need to specify additional configuration for it on the next step. It can be user and password, domain or subdomain, etc.


For example, you need to enter only application name that will be display in the list of your apps.




3. Click Order now to purchase the application, or Choose Different Package to change the package for this application. Pay for predefined application depending on hosting-provider's billing system. The application will start automatically after purchase.


4. After purchase succeeded, user gets to his predefined application page in KuberDock with brief description of the application on the top of the page.





You can find detailed information on the elements of this page as well as the information on how to control the application in Managing Pods and Managing containers sections.