Start Predefined Application

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Start Predefined Application

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The icons of Predefined applications that can be started in a few clicks are displayed in KuberDock Apps section. Click on an icon of the application that you want to start:




Choose the most suitable package for your application:



Click Show details under the package to show resources that will be allocated to your application according to each package. Click Choose package to proceed to the next step.


Depending on application type you will need to specify different data for it to start on the next step. It can be user and password, domain or subdomain to use, etc.


For example, this is a second step of Wordpress application:


Select application domain - you can select one of your domains to be used for this application (for example, your.domain/wordpress).

Enter your application name - enter the name of application to be displayed in all your applications list.


Click Pay and Start your App to start application or Choose different package to change package..




If payment successfully proceeded then you will be redirected to application page..


The main information on resources and settings is displayed on the application page:


Your app information is displayed on pale green area of the page.This text will be different for the different applications:




MySql & phpMyAdmin - the name of the application with resources information below.

Public IP - application IP address available from the internet. If no IP assigned - none.

Status - your application current status:

oRunning - the application is started and running;

oPending - the application is starting or stopping;

oStopped - the application is stopped.

Actions - application control buttons:

oStop/Start - start or stop application (changes depending on application status);

oEdit - open KuberDock page with your application (see Managing pods for details).

oDelete - delete application (the application will be no more available and removed from cPanel).

oRestart - restart application with 2 options: Wipe Our data and get fresh application, or Just Restart. After clicking on the proper button you will get pop-up where you can choose what exactly you want to do.




In the bottom of the page application cost is displayed.




Upgrade button allows you to change Kubes quantity. After clicking on the button you will be redirected to the Upgrade page. Use slider to change Kube number for each part of your application. In the bottom of the page you will see the changes of total amount of resources and new price for your application.