Update WHMCS Addon

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Update WHMCS Addon

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To update WHMCS addon perform the following steps:


This step is only required for plugin version lower then (you can find current version in WHMCS Setup Addon Modules section).


oDownload the latest version of KuberDock plugin for WHMCS from our repository:




oUnzip KuberDock plugin to WHMCS root directory.


oRun the script:


php <whmcs_root>/deploy.php --migrate


For plugin version and higher perform the following steps::


Run the script:


php <whmcs_root>/deploy.php


The script will download the latest version of KuberDock plugin to current directory and upgrade it to the latest version.


Available options:


--help, -h

print this help

--user, -u

change owner of downloaded files.


For example:


php deploy.php --user=whmcs:whmcs


Use this option only if you have write permissions.