User View Mode

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User View Mode

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To log in to KuberDock as a proper user, go to user's page and click Login as this user.




At the top of the page you will see the grey line with a notification that you are viewing the page under user credentials: User View Mode.




with user's email address:




While logged as a user, you have the same access type and the same GUI as this user.


To exit User View Mode click Exit Mode in the upper right area.




Use billing system to delete a user. If you need to delete a user via KuberDock, click on recycle bin icon in front of a proper user in the list:




Alternatively click Delete on users page:




Click Delete in confirmation pop-up - a user will be deleted.


Note that this user will remain in billing system and her KuberDock product will not be removed. Also note that this user will remain in database but will be marked as deleted. This is required to save KuberDock usage information for billing system correct work.